24/7 Insanely fast Support

Server TypeSupport TimeSupport Offered
SharedMonday - Friday 10am to 5:30pm Email SupportEmail Issues [This is 90% of our issues]
Website Loading issues
Connecting to server problems
Uploading files via FTP,sFTP problems
Support via Remote desktop in case of escalation
Reset email password
Other general Issues
VPS24/7 Telephone SupportAll of Above
Firewall Block
Whitelist IP
Blacklist IP
Spamassasin Issue
OS update
Weekly Backup
Dedicated24/7 Telephone SupportAll of Above
Application Loading issues
Route Management
Corporate Email Security
Failover Server Setup [Need 2 Dedicated Servers]
Daily Backup Setup
Cloud24/7 Telephone SupportAll of Above
Cloud Monitoring
RDS Setup
Auto-Scale Instance Config
Elastic Load Balancing

Please note that we don’t offer telephone support on Government designated holidays which might fall under weekdays.

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