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10 Best Popular Culture References Made In Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Netflix announced on their Facebook page that the eighth and last season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will finally be available on their platform on August 13th. This is great news for those who haven’t been able to watch this TV show’s conclusion as well as those fans who would like to watch it all over again.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of those series with great rewatch value with the fun part in finding the small details that viewers miss on their first watch, thanks to Jake’s obsession with pop culture. From Lord of the Rings to Star Warsthese thousands of jokes and references to popular culture enrich the show’s dialogues and create some of the most iconic moments in the series.


10 Backstreet Boys

The boy band from the 90s is only mentioned twice during the show, but one of them has become one of the most emblematic scenes in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The cold open where Jake makes a line of suspects sing “I Want It That Way” is an epic scene that will forever live in the fandom’s heart.

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In spite of Jake neglecting to properly do his job, this moment became so popular that most people would recognize another Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan by listening to them sing “Now number five” among the other lyrics of this song.

9 The Wizard of Oz

Unlike most popular culture references, Captain Holt understands this reference and actively uses it to insult his archnemesis Madeleine Wuntch. Captain Holt always compares her with the book’s main antagonists, the Wicked Witch of the East and the Wicked Witch from the West.

Captain Holt rarely uses creative puns to insult adversaries, but this time, he does his best to outwit his enemy, and these are some of Holt’s funniest quotes. First, Holt asks for a bucket of water when Wuntch visits the precinct, the method by which The Wicked Witch of the West is melted. Later on, he tells her he thought she was still under the house in Munchkin Land, which is how the Wicked Witch of the East is killed. Lastly, he asks if she was trying to get revenge on Dorothy since she killed her sister.

8 Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls is one of the best shows from the 2000s, and it would have been very disappointing if Brooklyn Nine-Nine didn’t mention it. Against all odds, Rosa is the show’s biggest fan, and she’s incredibly mad at the revival’s final because she “just wants to see Lorelai happy.”

Furthermore, in one of the funniest quotes from the show, Charles tells Terry that he learned parenting from the best and, while Terry believes he’s going to mention him, Charles actually says that’s Lorelai. Even though Terry is also a great dad, there’s no point of comparison with Lorelai Gilmore, who is definitely the coolest mom.

7 Batman

It’s very common for Jake to make allusions to Batman, and it makes sense that he would be a fan of a cool vigilante that stops crime in one of the most dangerous cities in the world while using his amazing gadgets.

However, what makes this reference so special is that Jake uses Batman’s story as a metaphor in one of the most important moments in his friendship with Gina. He says he’s going to murder Gina’s parents so she starts her ideal career, as it would be her “origin story.” Gina, as well, had compared herself to Spider-Man’s spider, as if she was the one who gave Jake his “superpowers.”

6 Lord Of The Rings

The Lord of The Rings is one of the best fantasy book series of all time, with most people knowing this franchise, either from the books or the movies. Obviously, Amy read the books as a child, but other characters in the series also refer to this franchise, making some of the funniest jokes.

Though Gina pretends not to know the Lord of The Rings when Jake calls her a Gollum for asking him for her mother’s wedding ring, later on, she calls Charles’s father a hobbit. Terry, as well, is a big fan of these stories, and he even compares Captain Holt to an Ent, a tree-like creature. However, probably the funniest Lord of The Rings moment is when Jake refers to a doula as a “vaginal Gandalf.”

5 Taylor Swift

One of the funniest running jokes of the show is Jake’s “secret” obsession with Taylor Swift. First, the viewers find out Jake likes the singer when, while taking a lie detector test, Terry asks him if Taylor Swift is his favorite singer, and Jake has to admit she is. He explains that she “makes him feel things” to which Terry replies that “she makes all of us feel things!” – and he’s not lying.

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Furthermore, Amy’s father discovers that Jake can’t get closer than 500 meters to Taylor because he got too close to her at an event. Unfortunately, Jake never mentions the singer again, which is strange, since surely he would have something to say about Taylor’s two latest albums, Folklor and Evermore.

4 Star Wars

A franchise that started in 1977, Star Wars has been going strong for more than 40 years, and with Disney’s extension of this universe, it doesn’t seem that this is going to end any time soon, such as The Mandalorian being one of the best science fiction shows of all time. Once again, Brooklyn Nine-Nine doesn’t disappoint its audience by making some hilarious references to this franchise.

In “Fancy Brudgom,” Rosa makes fun of her colleagues when they make a mistake with lab rats being zapped and thinks of herself as Palpatine using Force Lightning. In “Tactical Village,” Charles hilariously compares Amy and Jake’s relationship with Luke and Leia’s. However, the best reference to Star Wars is Amy calling out the franchise for their misuse of the Parsec as a measure of speed, instead of a measure of distance.

3 Harry Potter

There probably isn’t a more famous franchise than Harry Potterand Brooklyn Nine-Nine constantly makes references to these books and movies. Amy is a huge fan of the books, and Jake reads them because he wants to make her happy but ends up becoming just as big of a fan. Therefore, this common interest becomes a great part of their relationship.

For example, when Jake and Amy are trying to have a baby, Amy complains about Jake saying “Mischief Managed” after the couple finishes having sex, as a reference to the Marauders’ Map. The weird references don’t stop there, as Jake describes their attempts to have a baby as “growing a Whomping Willow in your Chamber of Secrets.”

2 Game Of Thrones

Nobody doubts that Game of Thrones is one of the most relevant shows in the last decade, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine honors its place in popular culture by containing at least one reference to the series in most of its seasons, including the iconic “winter is coming” phrase.

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Most of the characters in the precinct are fans of the fantasy series, and they spend a lot of their time exchanging theories about it in their group chat, as Gina comments in “The Fugitive: Part 2.” Even Rosa is a big fan, and when the team has to go to a convention for a case in “Return To Skyfire,” she’s caught in a line to meet Bran Stark.

1 Die Hard

Jake’s obsession with the Die Hard movies are very well known to the point where most fans can’t think of Die Hard without associating it with this series. Jake’s biggest dream is to become a cool cop like John McClane and solve difficult cases while everyone praises him for his heroics. He likes these movies so much that he even names his first son after McClane.

In “99,” Jake gets to go to Nakatomi Plaza, a skyscraper in Los Angeles that became a staple in Die Hard culture because one of its most important scenes was shoot there. Amy also buys him a cake in the shape of the building for their wedding, and Jake says that he appreciates that she pretends to like it as much as he does.

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